January 24, 2022

IPVR-036 [VR] I’ve Been Chasing After The Gravure Idol Mia Masuzaka, And I Discovered That At Night, To My Surprise, She Becomes A Soapland Princess! I Just Happened To Meet Her At A Soapland That I Frequent, And When She Started Looking Uncomfortable, That Sent My Lust Throttling! I Knew That This Was My Big Chance, So Until My Time Ran Out, I Pumped Her So Hard Her Titties Were Jiggling And Wiggling In This Divine Situation VR Experience!


Release Date: Aug. 08, 2019
Runtime: “83min.  (HD: 83min.)”
Director: ZAMPA
Studio: Idea Pocket
Content ID: ipvr00036
Series: Idea Pocket VR
Languages: Japanese
Actress(es): Mia Masuzaka