January 18, 2022

GOPJ-264 [VR] High-Quality Theatrically Ultra High Definition Kaho Imai She Was Locked In A Room, And Her Struggles To Resist Ended Mercilessly… (A Shamed Tan Gal Edition) “Are You Serious… What The Fuck Are You Doing… Don’t Sniff Me There… Ahhh… Oh Shit, Stop It… Please Stop That! Hey, Pull It Out… Stop It Already… I Told You, Seriously, Stop It…!” It’s Time To Get Busy With Her Beautiful Tanned Body!


Release Date: June 01, 2019
Runtime: “52min.  (HD: 52min.)”
Director: —-
Studio: V One VR
Content ID: h_1127gopj00264
Series: She Was Locked In A Blacked Out Elevator…
Languages: Japanese
Actress(es): Kaho Imai