January 22, 2022

APVR-007 [VR] High Quality Ultra Theatrical High Definition Until Last Year This Was An All Girls School, But Now We’re The Only 2 Boys In The Entire School! Every Day We Got Bullied, And Finally We Couldn’t Take It Anymore, So While All The Girls Were Preparing For Cultural Day, We Slipped Them Some S******g Pills And Put Them All To Sleep And Played Pranks On Them! And We Got Our Revenge By Fucking Them All!! But Since They Were All A****p, It Wasn’t Much Fun, So We Switched It Up With Some Aphrodisiacs, And That Got Them Hot And Horny! And When These Bitches Transformed Into Ultra Horny Sluts… VR


Release Date: June 25, 2019
Runtime: “158min.  (HD: 158min.)”
Director: Masanori
Studio: Apache
Content ID: apvr00007
Languages: Japanese