January 18, 2022

AJVR-053 [VR] My Friend Asked Me, “Would You Fuck My Wife?” This Married Woman Wanted To Satisfy Her Husband’s Cuckold Fantasies, So I Kept On French Kissing Her And I Got Super Close-Up With Her Nipples And Her Anal Hole In A Hard And Tight Seated Fuck Filled With Guilty Pleasures, And As She Talked To Her Husband On the Phone, I Thrust Her Into The Air As She Sat On My Cock, Cowgirl Style, And Then Finished Her Off In An Ultra Enveloping Missionary Position Fuck (Creampie Raw Footage) Nanami Kawakami


Release Date: June 26, 2019
Runtime: “71min.  (HD: 71min.)”
Director: Taro Koara (Wa)
Studio: Alice JAPAN
Content ID: ajvr00053
Series: My Friend Asked Me, “Would You Plea…
Languages: Japanese
Actress(es): Nanami Kawakami