January 18, 2022

3DSVR-0506 [VR] (A Snowy Mountain Disaster VR Experience) If We Don’t Do Something We’re Sure To Freeze To Death! We Got Naked And Held On Tight, Warming Each Other’s Bodies, And As We Looked Into Each Other’s Eyes Up Close, Rubbing Our Privates Together, Our Lust Was Hitting The Upper Limit And We Decided That We Had To Have Survival Sex Iori Kogawa


Release Date: Aug. 12, 2019
Runtime: “64min.  (HD: 64min.)”
Director: Meme Akiyama
Studio: SOD Create
Content ID: 13dsvr00506
DVD ID: 3DSVR-0506
Series: A Snowy Mountain Disaster
Languages: Japanese
Actress(es): Iori Kogawa